Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I am Not a Doctor...

...and I don't play one on TV, therefore I am choosing not to comment on my MRI results until I get the official radiology report. How's that for being very ornery of me?

I will vent a bit about my MRI and I will give you some results from my EEG, however. What do you want first, the good news or the bad? Oh? Really? Ok then I guess I'll give the bad news first. The have changed the way they do MRIs at the clinic I get them at. No longer can I get by with them injecting the contrast with a simple shot. Oh no, that was to easy. Now they actually put an IV line in to do it. (Have I ever mentioned I hate IVs?) It's a change of policy. Apparently they had someone have an allergic reaction to the contrast and they had problems finding a vein to inject medication into. Therefore, they've started leaving it in while there is no problem so that they don't hit it again. (Have I ever mentioned that I hate IVs?) What's this mean? Instead of a minor puncture wound that is tender for a few hours, I now get a huge puncture wound that hurts for days. (Have I ever mentioned that I hate IVs?) Furthermore, this thing has to remain in through the entire latter half of the test totaling about 15 minutes. Do you know how lousy this is for someone that doesn't like IVs? Having to lay completely still for 15 minutes with this thing sticking in your arm. Oh and to top it off, I hate IVs. Have I ever mentioned that before?

Ok, I also received the results of my EEG today. Great news, no seizures. As a matter of fact they didn't notice any change over the area that is my tumor either. I guess that typically this is considered a "dead" area and doesn't show any activity at all or something along those lines. Mine shows no change in comparison and my activity was constant with no fluctuations. This is really good news although I'm not sure what the "no change over tumor" means other than to confuse me even more.

Ok, I guess that about sums it up. I promise, as soon as I get the radiology report from the doctor, I will let you know the results of the MRI. All I will say until then is that they changed some coils in the MRI machine and therefore it is near impossible to tell if there is any change or not by comparing the two scans. Because I don't understand what might have changed with the machine, I'm not making any guesses on it. Talk to you all soon.

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  1. Sorry about the IV. I'm not fond of being punctured and being bruised for days either.

    That is great news about the EEG. I hope they hurry up with the MRI results.