Saturday, December 1, 2007

I am Really Design Challenged

Ok, I have changed my layout colors a bit to be more festive. I apologize if it is a change for the worse. I have always been "design" challenged and I'm severely color impaired so it's scary for me to even consider making a change but I wanted something a little more Christmas. If I get really creative, I may even add some other elements but don't count on it. I was skipped when God was handing out the visual creativeness and he gave me an extra dose in the written word creativity. LOL

Yes, I am one of those that wears a lot of black and white because they go with almost everything and therefore I don't have to try to color coordinate it!!!

Happy December 1 everyone!!!


  1. I dunno m'dear. I think the new blog colors look fantastic!

  2. I have a sneaky suspicion who wrote this but I'll keep quiet on it. :D

  3. They are festive colors and classy. The subdued cream and matte red and green are nice. I love your little wreath frame around your picture.