Friday, November 30, 2007

The Week in Review 11-30-07

This will actually be a two week review since Thanksgiving messed up my schedule last week.

Medically - We have finally gotten my EEG scheduled for December 6th. It will be a sleep deprived EEG (I'm not allowed to go to bed until after midnight, they want me up no later than five, they prefer only three hours of sleep, and no caffeine.) They have sent the precert through for my MRI, if all goes well, I'll have that Friday the 14th. Beyond that I am still taking the Gabapentin for the trigeminal.

I think I will add it here that I finally signed up for Medic Alert again. It's been at least 20 years since I have had a bracelet. I should be getting my new bracelet soon.

Emotionally - This has been a good two weeks emotionally. I've been told by a few people that I seem to be back to myself now so that makes me feel good. I've been focusing hard on doing my meditation every night and I think that has allowed me to sleep better. Overall, other than a bit of crankiness the past few days for unrelated reasons, my emotions have been steadily normal. :)

Mentally - I have had a good two weeks productively. I've been working on preparations, actual work, getting things done at home, etc which is something I haven't been able to grasp real well since the diagnosis. I am thinking much clearer and I don't feel so bulldozed anymore which is a good sign.

Physically - There has been no real change physically other than the sinus pressure still hanging around. Tomorrow is the first day of December so I think I've already gone longer than I ever have without a full blown infection. YIPPEE!!!

Preparations - Last week I successfully finished my living will, had it witnessed, and discussed it with my Agents. It is official. I will probably put out an entry on it some time next week. I have also began gathering information such as people to call, account numbers, financial information, etc. This will be a long process but it is something I need to do since I am the primary record keeper in the house and John has no clue what is going on. Finally, I have been working hard on decluttering the house and it is looking fabulous!!!

Family - Last week was Thanksgiving and we spent it with my Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandma, Uncle and his three kids and grandchild, and of course the three of us. We had a good time eating and playing games. Then on Saturday was my Dad's 50th birthday where we had a surprise party for him. We had a great time!!!

Play - It was really a quiet two weeks. We had the party on Saturday where we saw a comedian, danced, some drank, etc but other than that it was really quiet. We have dance tomorrow night.

Ok, I think that wraps up the two weeks. This wasn't very long for two weeks... it may be that if I don't have much we do every other week more often. We'll see. *Huggles*

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  1. I'm glad to see you are feeling better physically and emotionally. I know writing a will and getting affairs in order is something we just don't want to have to think about, but I know I am the primary record keeper and financial planner in the house too so it's a necessary thing. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family. May you have many more to come!