Saturday, November 10, 2007

Finding Friends on the Internet

The Internet is a wonderful tool for finding old friends and meeting new ones. I have been blessed over the years to have met tons of great people online. Some of them I have been blessed to meet in real life and we have become the best of friends. Others I speak with only online but we are able to share hardships, fun, and give each other support. I wouldn't trade my online friends for anything.

However, there is another way that the Internet can be used to stay in touch with friends. I am able to "speak" on a frequent basis to several of my friends from school, that it would be difficult to stay in touch with otherwise. This allows us to stay close even in our busy lives.

This week, I was able to utilize the Internet in yet another way. I was bored one evening and decided to see if there was anyone new from my high school on Myspace. Well, there wasn't anyone that I was interested in so I thought it would be interesting to see if there was anyone I recognized from my grade school on there. I was lucky enough to recognize a few and one in particular jumped out at me. It was my best friend. Her and I spent many days playing softball together, talking wrestling, and of course cheer on the Cubbies. Her and I eventually lost touch after I moved but our friendship never left my heart. When I saw her page, I was extremely excited and quickly sent her a message. It was definitely her and it is great swapping messages with her. :)

Do you have someone you'd love to touch base with again? You might be surprised and have that ability right at your fingertips.

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  1. I was able to find my best friend from High School through MySpace and other people I grew up with. It is pretty cool this technology.