Monday, November 26, 2007

Gotta Love a Long Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a great weekend and we enjoyed some nice "play" time but we also got a TON done. I'm so sorry I didn't post at all over the holiday but I'll try to fill it all in now.

Let's see. Starting with Wednesday I guess. Wednesday night I was in a bit of a "down" mood and after we finished supper and the like I decided to have a few drinks. I won't get into details but let's just say that I can now honestly say that at 28 years of age I became drunk for the first and LAST time. :) I found out that Gabapentin (Neurontin) and Cherry Vodka don't mix very well. Surprisingly after getting sick a few times before bed, I felt pretty good for Thanksgiving. (Well, I didn't feel well either Thursday or Friday but I now believe that John gave me his ickiness and it was not related to the alcohol.)

On Thursday we went to my Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving dinner. We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving and we sat around eating and playing games most of the afternoon.

Then on Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for my Dad's 50th birthday. It was really great and he was totally surprised. We had it at a local bar/comedy club and we got to see Tom Morgan the Rajun Cajun at it. He is absolutely fabulous. I might post an entry about him later in the week. We had a blast dancing with family and some of them worked hard on getting a little to polluted but that's ok... I think they all ended up finding sober rides.

Other than those things, we spent a good majority of the weekend with just us as family... oh and cleaning. We were able to finish the outside shed and put everything but the aluminum cans up. We'll have to load those in John's truck for him to take in next week for recycling. Then we worked on the "former baby, current garage sale, later game" room. This room was a total disaster with lots of baby stuff everywhere and it's getting piled in now with stuff for a garage sale next spring. However, we can now walk through it and I will be able to sit back there and sort through things all winter. After we finished getting this room done, we were able to go through the back area of our Great Room and move all the garage sale stuff that was there into that room. So now my Great Room looks like a family room instead of a garbage dump. YAY. It was a lot of work but it is so nice to have it done. We took out about 9 garbage sacks of crap from those two areas.

On Wednesday night we watched "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" the movie but we weren't too thrilled with it. We intended on watching another but we never got around to it. OOPS. Then last night we played a game of risk after we were all done with supper. I won. We played mission and I was able to get all of Africa and N. America before the others could get theirs.

So overall, I'd say we had a wonderful weekend and it makes me look forward to the long Christmas holiday. I have a ton to do between now and then but we'll be able to just chill after Christmas is all over. I am having Christmas at my house this year for the first time since we moved out here. And I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet which means I'm about a month behind. YIKES!!! I'll probably do what I can online but I have to figure out what I'm going to get people first. Maybe I'll just hand out coal this year.

Well, that's enough rambling for now. I may go into more details on Dad's birthday and maybe a few other things later in the week. I don't want to overdue things and not have anything to write about. *Huggles*

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  1. Cherry Vodka? You must tell me the name of it and where you get it. I love Vodka. Don't you go mixing meds and alcohol again young lady! *tsk tsk* Next time you want to have a few drinks (to get drunk or not) stop the meds for a day. *hugs*