Friday, November 9, 2007

Things are on Their Way

Several days ago, I called my new neurosurgeon to ask him to send the order for my EEG and the next MRI, to my Family Physician so that we can push the two tests through my insurance. I also have a 3 page word document of questions for him on various things from some tests I stumbled across to the open biopsy itself.

Well, for most of the past two days, we've played phone tag. This will no longer be a problem. Yesterday afternoon the Clinical Tech left a message on my voice mail at home and the number was his direct number. So now, I can call him directly instead of going into a queue. This will make correspondence much easier. He said he would get the written order for the two tests and forward it on to my physician. I am guessing it will take a week for the insurance to ok it once they get it so with any luck I'll have the EEG by Thanksgiving. It will be nice to get the EEG out of the way and find out what my chances are of having seizures any time soon.

I told the tech that I had a list of questions that I'd like to know the best way of giving them to the doctor is. He was quick to say I could email it and gave me his email address. I prefer this method anyway because then I don't forget to ask anything and answers can be thought out and replies can be less hurried. Anyway, I sent them to him this morning before I went to lunch. He told me that my doctor will be out of the country until Wednesday but that he would expect some answers by the end of next week.

I'm very excited about this. I'm still in the stage of decision that the more information I have, the better able I'm be to choose the correct path. After some things I discovered yesterday, I'm at a deadlock on what to do. I really have no idea which way to go with this thing. However, after I get his reply, my decision should be a bit more clear. Especially after he answers my questions about the PET and MRS scans and whether they could assist enough to choose a burr hole biopsy instead of open.

You have to love being caught in the middle of your own mind. I guess the good part about that is that no matter which path you choose... you win.

I will likely take the weekend off unless I get a wild writing hair. I'm sure I'll have some new stuff for next week.

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