Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just a Reminder to Live

I believe there really are people that read my blog that know me in real life. Some of you I have probably seen. Others haven't seen me for a while. However, I have had more questions of late about the newest additions to my wardrobe so I figure now is a good time to explain them so that I can satisfy your curiosity and perhaps give you an insight on what keeps me sane some days. (Ok, so I'm never sane so just my normal level of sanity however low that may be.)

First off, what I am referring to is a purple stretch bracelet that I wear on my right arm and a grey stretch bracelet I wear on my left arm. The purple one says "I'm Flying" and the grey one "Sharing Hope" and has the American Brain Tumor Association's website on it.

I can hear the question already... what do they mean and isn't having a brain tumor bracelet a constant reminder of what is in your head? I'll answer these both... one bracelet at a time.

You see, early on I did not hold up very well and even though I hide it well, I was very emotionally vulnerable all the time. One day I was cleaning my Master Bedroom and I found my purple "Flylady" bracelet that I had bought many years ago. I had looked for it before and had a hard time finding it, so this was almost like a sign. I immediately put it on and felt warm. I felt warm because it reminded me of all my friends that were out there praying and thinking about me. So what is Flylady? Well, you can check out Flylady to see for yourself. It is a group that was developed to help SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) keep their spirits up and dig out of the clutter we have all found. (Basically it's for those that can never seem to get ahead and it is very sensible in the approach. However, this is more than I wanted to get into about Flylady in this entry.) Check it out if you are interested. Anyway, I've been a member of the group for about 6 years now and we have group boards all across the country. One of the boards is for Illinois and I have met many wonderful ladies there. We help each other through many obstacles in life. So this is the connection between my friends and the purple Flylady bracelet. It reminds me not only of my Flylady friends but of all my friends that are rooting for me.

The grey bracelet came later. I learned that grey is the universal symbol for brain tumors. Yes, I know, it's that reminder thing. I bought my bracelet at the American Brain Tumor Association Website. However, to me it isn't a reminder that I have a brain tumor. Instead, it has become a reminder that life is short and you need to enjoy every minute of every day. We never know when our lives or our loved ones will be taken from us. So we must cherish each day, say what needs said, leave no rock left unturned as we make our journeys each day. It's my reminder to grab the moment and never have any regrets. It's the reminder, when the day is hectic, to stop and smell the roses or watch the falling leaves. It's the reminder to live.

With the assistance of these two bracelets, I have not let anything block my path in life and I am never alone. Even when I feel that my heart is ready to break, I have this little reminder that I'm not done living.

Do you have a reminder to live? :)

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