Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So I'm not so Unusual

Hear me out here. I have had countless people say to me, "Amy, you amaze me in how you are handling this whole thing," or something like it. Believe it or not, this very thing has weighed as heavily on my mind as the fact I have a brain tumor. Am I really that different in how I am handling this? Am I handling this is such a way that I am setting myself up for a huge fall? These are questions I ask myself. Well, the opportunity finally arose today for me to ask my therapist his honest opinion on this.

And the answer is: I am handling it exactly as he would expect someone of my personality type to handle it. He didn't hesitate on the answer. He didn't think about the answer. He immediately gave me his unbiased thought on it.

Basically, every personality type handles this type of situation in its own way. My personality type takes the bull by the horns and faces it head on and makes sure that there is no avenue left unexplored in the process. He assured me that he would be worried if I was handling it any other way. It makes me feel better now that I know that, although I may be handling this differently than most of the people around me would, I am handling it as would be expected of someone like me.

I guess, in reality, I am still unusual in that most of those around me do not have my personality type but for those like me, I am normal. (Yes, it's a scary thought to think of me as normal.)

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