Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Laughed Until It Hurt

On Saturday, when we had my Dad's birthday party, we had the privilege of watching the comedian Tom Morgan aka the Rajun Cajun. He was absolutely fantastic and had us all laughing hard. If you ever get a chance to see him, jump on it.

Anyway, he touched on many topics including a rant about Popeyes, women putting on makeup, and child raising. Some of the things he joked about made perfect sense in so many ways but when you think about it, it is funny. For instance, have you ever wondered about some of the quirks with putting on makeup? Why do some women put on so much blush they look like "they had a fight with bozo the clown?" Why do we blow on the end of a blush brush when we are putting it on? Have you ever looked at the faces we use when putting on mascara? Just funny little quirks like that you never think about.

I will say he is absolutely crazy when he is up there. He is all over the stage, removed his shoe AT LEAST three times, and was very animated.

I talked with some friends afterwards and they had talked about how they had gone to see him once with some "very religious" friends/family. If you fall in this category, Tom is NOT the person for you to go see. He is NOT the PG13 that the place had rated him as. Definitely R rated so if you have problems with minor curse words or hearing the f-bomb now and then, do NOT go see him. However, if you are a good-ole folk that believes in some of the old ways and can laugh at yourself, go see him as quickly as you can. :-)

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  1. Sounds funny. I will definitely look for him coming to Vegas. I like Popeye's, but I've heard it's not real Cajun food.