Friday, November 16, 2007

The Week in Review 11-16-07

Ok, I've decided that on Fridays I will give a bit of a week in review thing for you guys. I will basically give the run-down of my emotional, mental, physical state, preparation and review what happened in family, play, and other areas throughout the week. So here is the first Week in Review.

Overall this week has been productive.

Medically - I received a reply from my NeuroSurgeon, whom answered approximately 30 of my questions about the open biopsy and some other tests that I have been researching. The answers have prepared me for what may occur one day. I may go into details on this some day but it isn't for the here and now.

Which leads me to the emotional part of the week.

Emotionally - I felt good throughout the early part of the week and felt that I was finally getting over the hump. However, after talking with my doctor on Thursday and getting some things confirmed, I had a rough spell. I knew that I needed to make a decision on what to do and I needed to do it soon. Therefore, I thought hard and made the decision to not have the open biopsy unless there are problems that arise. John is on board with it so we will step away and enjoy our lives until God gives us the sign that we need to do more. I will post an entry later on this whole process with more details.

Mentally - I have been much clearer since making my decision and I am hoping that my productivity can kick back into normal.

Physically - Things are about the same. I'm still asymptomatic and the numbness on the right side of my face is at about 85% healed. (That or I'm just that much more used to it.) I had some lack of energy early in the week but that has been recovered since making my decision. I have also had some sinus pressure this week but my hayfever med is doing its trick and it's holding things down. It would probably be a first if I make it all the way to December without a full blown sinus infection.

Preparation - I have made some progress on preparing for the future and other possibilities as well. I have worked on "seizure proofing" my office at work so that the sharp edges are no longer a threat (just in case) and I sent an email to HR and my boss with pertinent medical information they may need. Furthermore, I have been working on my living will and I believe that I am almost ready to have it witnessed and to go over the details with those who will be in charge. I will go into more details on that process after I finish it all. Also this week, I obtained a copy of a software program that will assist me in writing John and I's will. This is something that I've planned on doing for a really long time and now it is finally moving forward. Again I will talk more about this after I get things figured out.

Family - On the family front, my cousin (she's actually a cousin once removed or something like that but cousin is easier to type) got through a double mastectomy without any major complications. Jazer is doing pretty good this week to my knowledge and I think he is finally settling down for the school year. I got him some books that he's started looking at that I think is helping him understand more about his ADD. We'll see if it continues to make a difference. John has been fighting some sinus issues but for the most part he is just his normal self. He and I have had a few breakthroughs this week in the medical front, however, we still need to make some progress on the "preparation" front. He is very uneasy about moving forward with these things even though he knows that it is something that needs to be done anyway, not just because of my diagnosis.

Play - This week was a bit on the busy side but wasn't overwhelming. We had a Family Reading Night at the school on Tuesday and Jazer loved seeing one of the teachers that had retired at the end of last year. He apparently has missed her more than we realized. We had a good time. On Thursday we were supposed to have dance but we found out that our caller was down with the flu. I hope he is feeling better soon. *Hugs* Saturday we have plans to attend a dinner for one of John's co-workers who is retiring and then go dancing. I am excited to get back out on the dance floor.

I think that about wraps up the week. Maybe next week will have more interesting things to read.

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  1. Hey sweetie

    I know I don't read your blog as often as I should but I am glad to see that this week sounds like its been okay for you.

    penglii/Ann from Plano Hogwarts