Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home Never Felt So Good

Well, we made it home around 8 PM last night and it was nice to be home and our family reunited. John and I spent a good deal of the night making me feel human again by cleaning up all the dried gunk on my head and hair and then we both had a great night's sleep. It was so nice to wake up in a familiar environment, in my own bed, and doing my own thing. Nothing beats being home!!!

John will be home with me through Tuesday and then we'll see how I'm doing from there to determine the rest of the week's plan. I will have to go have my staples removed one day next week and will need to find an oncologist to administer my chemo to me here locally so there's still a lot to do in the next few weeks.

Other than being very stiff from the long drive yesterday, I'm in good shape, feel good, and mentally on the ball. Gonna work with the boys to get everything unpacked today and get settled into the routine we'll have for the next few weeks. Visitors are welcome so if you are bored, come on by. If you are squeamish, call first so I can cover my head for you.

DO NOT SCROLL DOWN PAST THIS IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH!!! I am NOT responsible for anyone fainting or passing out by seeing them.Well, I think that's the biggest part of the update for now. I would not scroll down below this point if you are squeamish for there are some pictures that might be too graphic for some.

Many Huggles and love to all

A safe picture to give a bit of buffer room before things a little more graphic:

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