Friday, October 15, 2010

Tentative Timeline but Solid Plan

While no one looks forward to any surgery and especially not a second I feel very confident and good about the route we are preparing to take for the latest obstacle for me as a result of the brain cancer world.

All of us (doctors, my hubby, and I) agree that the issues occurring in my head is not going to go away without surgery. Surgery isn't all that bad of an option anyway because it will tell us what is going on in regards to necrosis/scar tissue, tumor, and will actually open some doors for us for possible future trials or options should it be tumor. I'll get into this in the future.

For now, my biggest issue is the steroids. They are doing their job and keeping me functional right now but I feel my body getting weaker by the day. While I originally took that as a bad thing because I would be going into the possibility of surgery already physically weaker instead of in what I felt was good condition, the surgery feels the sooner the better since it's not likely I'll be off the steroids until the little problem is removed. Meaning the steroids will have less damage time the quicker I get in rather than being on it longer.

With all that said, we have agreed and tentatively scheduled my second resection for October 26th. I'm set on the date unless getting other things sorted out and arranged force us to move it out another week. I feel very good about the surgeon. He and I are very much in the same mindset and outlook. We share a lot of the same ideals and he was very open and honest with me about what he felt would be the issues/biggest obstacles. He's confident in his ability to remove what's there and get me out of it with minimal/no issues. I'm confident that he can do it as well. I really feel as good about him as I did the NeuroSurgeon I originally chose (whom ended up not doing my surgery) and I feel he has enough of the same philosophies as me that he will not hinder my ability to do as I need. I think he will give me nudges in the proper direction with the right force rather than holding me back like my surgeon did with round one.

Anyway, looks like surgery is in my near future. I'm ready for it, I'm pumped to finally have direction and the ability to go from here instead of being in limbo.

(Yes, my opinion is very different this time around. I guess there's a lot to be said about knowing what's going on and having been there and done that. *smile*)

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