Sunday, October 24, 2010

On Our Way to Mayo

We are making the trip up to Mayo. Things are pretty uneventful so far other than me fighting some of the water weight from the steroids causing me to sound like I'm hacking up a lung. I'm really looking forward to getting off of these things and back to feeling normal.

The schedule is as such for the next week or so.

Monday - Pre-surgical testing and MRI. Will find out after 8 when I need to report for pre-op on Tuesday. (I will post this after we know on Facebook.)
Tuesday - Surgery. Time to be determined when we call on Monday. One of us will post surgical time when we know. John or I will send an update when it's over and we know more.
Wednesday - ? - In hospital. John or I will post updates while I'm in the hospital

We will likely be at Mayo until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week at the minimum as I'm guessing they won't release me to go home until it's at least been a week. Then we'll go from there.

Love ya all and many huggles,

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  1. I will be praying for you. Hope everything goes as planned and as uneventful. Please keep us posted.