Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Spoke With The Doctor

I still have at least one doctor I need to see today (the Neuro-Oncologist) but in all essence I have been released by the Neuro Surgeon. Everything looks great, they were very pleased with what they were able to remove, and they agree there is no reason to keep my on the steroids (the NO will make the taper decision though) since they removed an area the size of his fist from my head. Needless to say, swelling should not be an issue. :)

They are talking I will get out of here today but want us in the area at least until tomorrow. This is fine with me. Gives me an extra day to prepare for the trip home and to discuss options with my NO. However, I can't say I will be upset to leave. I much prefer managing my own medications to taking them whenever the nurse gets to them. It hasn't caused me any issues yet but my schedule just works so much more smoothly and I don't have to get up in the night to do it. They are going to come in and do some cleanup on my wound area sometime today so then I will actually attempt to post some pictures of this beautiful face. Right now the oozing from the staples (while they make a great Halloween costume) is probably a bit much for the average person to view without getting sick. Don't worry I do have the pics of it for anyone nuts like me that would want to see them but I'll reserve the Facebook pictures and the like until after it's been cleaned up and hopefully I can get a hairbrush through this mess I call hair. Rest assured my halloween costume will be amazing this year. :D

Anyway, I slept great last night and I find that to be a very good sign. I slept an entire 8 hours spread over two four hour sets. I was impressed. I even managed to sleep on my right side despite the staples. This is how I know the pain level there is very manageable now.

I hope to get John out of bed here shortly to go for a few laps before breakfast and then hopefully they'll get me cleaned up after breakfast and look at whatever comes next. With a little luck, I'll be seeing some of you next week and should be up for visitors.

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