Saturday, October 30, 2010

Heading For Home Sweet Home

We are lounging in the hotel room for another few but then we are going to hit the road for home. It's a bit later than we originally intended but we both were sleeping so great we got a late start. We're both very ready to be back home in our own beds and I'm ready for my own bathroom so I can clean up properly and get my head back to normal feeling.

The lowered dose in steroids is already making me feel a lot better. I woke up this morning feeling normal instead of like the MIDAS man. granted it had been over 12 hours since my last prednisone at that point but I wasn't expecting to feel that good this morning. I'm hoping that means that the ride home won't be as horrible as I feared.

The oozing on my head appears to have completely stopped. I didn't have any additional in the night so hopefully that is finally under control. My cough is also currently under control which is a big thing. The swelling in my face is minimal which is a surprise to everyone. My face feels full but it's not swollen shut anywhere or anything like that. I like this because it means my vision isn't hindered. My pain is still being managed very well with Tylenol and Tramadol so that is well under control and even then I'm not necessarily taking it because I have to but more because I don't want it to kick in.

Ok, John is heading down for the valet cart so I guess I better wrap this up and put this away so we don't forget it.

Will be seeing you all soon. I will be home all this week with John at least some of the time and possibly my mom some of it, depending on how I am feeling. I will have some appointments in town the next week so I might be making some surprise visits while we are there.

Tomorrow I will post my Halloween costume and some more pictures for everyone.

Huggles and please continue the prayers for my great recovery. Thank you, God, for all the wonderful friends and family and blessings you have given me. AMEN

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