Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Not So Typical Update

I'm so far behind on updates I'm not even sure what I have posted about and what I haven't. Therefore I apologize ahead of time if you get repeat information or things are in a really unusual order. Got a lot to update on.

I guess to go back as far as I think I have been since updating (I think we were preparing for vacation last time I updated). Our vacation was AMAZING!!! Definitely the trip of a lifetime. We had a great time at Disney, swimming with the dolphins was absolutely amazing, and the new Harry Potter theme section of Universal is totally cool. We were lucky enough to stay at the Animal Kingdom Resort at Disney and that was truly a worthwhile investment. It really added to the whole experience. We ate WAY too much while we were there but we got the dining package and that kept the costs to a 1/3 or less. Harry Potter was great!!! The Experience Ride was totally worth it and Butterbeer is just YUM! (Sorry for the non-Harry Potter fans that have no clue what I'm talking about). However, despite loving being immersed in the world of my favorite wizard, swimming with our dolphin Roxy took the top prize hands-down. I highly recommend you have this experience if you ever have the time. It is worth every penny. They are truly magnificent creatures. For those wanting to see pictures, they are all loaded on my facebook page just click on the link to s

The other thing we all truly enjoyed was the experience of meeting family that either we have never met or haven't seen in ages. We were truly awed by the hospitality of all of the relatives we visited. Tim, Tammy, Becky, Grandma Ester, Tom, Polly, and all the kids!!! You guys truly helped us begin and end our trip on a high note. Then, not to be left out, it was great to come home and see John's dad who was visiting from his home in Texas (he basically took the North route why we were taking the South. LOL). We don't get to see him a lot but it's always a treat when we do.

Ok, I guess onto the total opposite of the fun we had on vacation. A few weeks after we returned, I began having what I thought was a sinus infection. It literally floored me for six weeks. After two rounds of antibiotics, it wasn't getting any better. Eventually, things weren't behaving as much like an infection and we ended up with an MRI. The MRI revealed a large amount of swelling in the right side of my head again. They put me on a steroid to try to help ease the swelling. Luckily, that also helped me get over the strange symptoms that I began having towards the end. We will be heading to Mayo for a consultation/additional testing on Friday (appointment at 10:30 AM) to see if we can determine what is going on. It could be one of many things still at this point whether it's scar tissue, regrowth, or something not yet considered we won't know until then. Therefore while we know there are a few different options depending, we don't know what route might be taken without knowing what is going on.

I guess, long story short, we are hoping and praying it is just some crazy benign issue that is causing me some swelling but we are lining things up if it isn't as benign.

I'll keep everyone posted as much as possible as we move along with updates. Now that I can actually stay out of bed longer than a few hours (I literally spent a week in bed a few weeks ago)

Until next update. All thoughts and prayers are appreciated and anyone I know of that is going through their own issues are in mine.

Huggles all


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