Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amy Checking In After Surgery

Well, if things keep going as they are, they are talking about the possibility of me being released tomorrow. This will be one day shorter than the last one.

This one has not been near the piece of cake the first one was. I was beginning to think yesterday that I was in way over my head (no pun intended) but today things are going great and other than still being on more of the steroids than I'd like, I'm feeling really good.

Surgery went well. He was able to remove everything visible on the MRI scan and it included scar tissue, necrosis (dead tumor from radiation), and some tumor itself (whether it's anything to be concerned with or not to be determined by pathology). This time the anesthesia made me very nauseous and I went through a heck of a day. The more I tried to not be sick the more sick I got and the more sick I got the more pain I was in. It was not a fun day yesterday and I was seriously regretting that I had to do this again. However, once we finally got some meds in me to control the nausea, I was able to drink water and then go back on my Tylenol which began controlling the pain. After I got out of pain, I was doing pretty good and got to take a look at my now gorgeous stapled head. Got staples this time. I think I prefer the stitches but these aren't too bad. I'm curious if they hurt more coming out though. They feel like they might. Ok, I'm rambling I can see so I better get back to other things.

I was up early this morning sitting in a chair and got to eat a soft breakfast. MMMM scrambled eggs, toast, and rice chex. Just got moved up to my room outside of ICU about an hour ago and not get to figure out what I want for lunch. Hmmmm... what sounds good? Anyway, word on the street is that if I keep doing as good as I am right now, I will get out of here tomorrow. We will still probably be here until he weekend because of pathology but we'll see how it goes.

Ok, the final summary... Although not near as smooth pain and speed wise as last one, it's been very smooth and there are no major issues that have arisen and no deficits (unless you count the fact my right eye is swollen shut again and I can't see out of it!!!!) I'm still certain the steroids are going to slow me down a bit yet and hope to get off of these really soon.

I guess that's it. Amy signing out about 24 hours after surgery. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Love ya!!!

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