Wednesday, January 9, 2008

When People Make a Difference

This week has been an eye-opening week for me and it has been thanks to some special people that make a difference in my life. I'd like to talk a bit about these special people in no particular order:

My neurosurgeon: He is a very special individual indeed. I have never met a doctor with so much compassion for his patients. Heck I've never met a doctor that actually makes his own phone calls much less one that will actually reply to an email with a phone call less than three hours after the email was sent. His quick replies to all of my concerns has made me even more confident in his abilities and the decisions I am making now and in the future. Of all the people that can have a profound impact on me both mentally and physically, he perhaps has the most power of all.

My Friends: All of my friends are special individuals that have made a difference in me over the past several months and some more so than others over the past several days. I wish to give a shoutout to my devoted comment leaver and friend, Jenn. No matter what my ramblings may be, she always reads and always reminds me that there are people whose lives I am touching with this and how amazing the internet is at connecting people. Jenn, I have everything crossed for you that the line stays put and gets even darker in the days to come. :)

My therapist: Some people are paid to make a difference in peoples lives. Some are better at that job than others and I have been blessed with that very sort of person. He is so much more to me than just a therapist. He has become a friend and his genuine concern is obvious. Sometimes it's when people go above and beyond in their profession that they make the biggest impact and that is exactly what he has done for me. I owe him a lot.

With that shoutout to three people that have made a huge difference in my life in very different ways... I leave you with an I LOVE YOU and on to another day. :)

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  1. Awww you make me all mushy gushy inside. :) *hugs* I love you too babe. I hope you get well soon and no more sinus crap.

    By the way you still have your Christmas stuff up. I know you're from the country, but c'mon...LOL! I love to kid.