Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Attitude is Half the Battle

A friend on one of my yahoo groups is going through a very stressful situation with her husband and his health. He is doing better at the moment but his battle has been long and at one point it looked as if he may be giving up. He is improving with her and other friends support although he still has a large battle before him. His journey has reminded me that the will to fight is half the battle and thus thought it would be good for my journal at this time.

You hear it as almost a cliche that attitude can make or break you when you are diagnosed with a serious illness. If you don't have the will to fight and win... then you won't. What's the use in fighting if you don't want to win? However, even when faced with odds that are stacked against you, the will to win can buy you strength and possibly even a miracle. I have many times been told that my attitude will carry me through this diagnosis and anything coming my way. After seeing others that are and have gone through similar issues, I believe that I will overcome this if for no reason other than I have the attitude to fight it until God decides otherwise.

Each step of the way I have been researching, analyzing, and just fighting hard to determine the best path to take. I have never sat back and let others make the decision for me and never taken any decision lightly. Every decision that I make in this journey is the one that I feel is best for me and my family. Every decision I make, I must be prepared to stand behind and fight to make it work. I am a fighter. I will never sit back and not fight for what I think is right. Even if that decision is not agreed on by others.

I guess this is to all of those out there facing battles of their own. Julian, Morris, Steve, Coleman, David, Carla, and everyone else riding the roller coaster... continue to fight and keep a positive attitude because attitude is half the battle. *Huggles to all*

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  1. Keep fighting the good fight! :) You're going to win and be better for it.