Monday, January 14, 2008

Falling off the Update Wagon

I am so sorry that I haven't been updating like I should. It's just been a busy year so far and I haven't had time to do a lot of things I need to. However, I will try to update here and go from there.

In the "brain front" things have been going as expected although I have made some strides in trusting my neurosurgeon even more. I am even more comfortable with him as time passes and truly believe that I can trust him with my head and life. That's saying a lot because it's possible one day this will be reality. He truly is fabulous and one of the few doctors I know that will actually return calls to the patient himself to make sure it is totally understood. That does a lot for someone going through a situation like mine.

In other medically related news, I actually had three medical professionals make me cry last week but all were in a good way. It was just how much they truly care for me and it took me at a time I really needed to hear it so they were all good tears. :)

The more things have progressed with my diagnosis, the more blessed I realize I am to have a therapist that I click very well with. He is very much on the same line as my Neurosurgeon, chiropractor, and gyne in terms of the best in the business. He has done some amazing things with me to pull me through this and I owe him so much in that respect. I am just very glad to be able to call him a friend.

I think that sums up the medical issues from the last few weeks. Outside of non-tumor related "check-ups" nothing new took place. I am working now on getting the scheduling sorted out for my February MRI. This will be MRI number four when it is finally scheduled. We'll see if it gives good news or bad.

Beyond that we are enjoying several dances already in the new year and getting lots of good projects finished. I can't complain at all with where things are heading in our fun time.

I do, however, need to break into a small set of sad notes. Julian (a little boy I talked about in a previous entry) is not doing well at all and it is believed that his journey here will be over soon. Please keep him and his family in your prayers for either a miracle cure from God or a safe and quick entrance to be with God. Also, David from 38lemon which is a link on the right side of my page, has been diagnosed with a Grade 4 GBM and is about to embark on a fight that will take him through radiation and chemo in attempts to buy him some more time. David's site has been a HUGE source of information to me and has given me answers I have been unable to find elsewhere. He is an amazing man and I wish him all the best on this journey. I highly encourage anyone that has questions, about either what I am going through or what my own journey may include, to read this journal. He states the pure and simple truth and says much more eloquently many of the things I think and feel. Please keep them both in your prayers.

Ok, I've got other things to do now. I will try to get back to daily updates. I promise. Some time in the near future you will understand what has been going on and I can fill you in on everything.

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