Friday, January 18, 2008

The Week In Review 1-18-2008

This has been a pretty quiet week all the way around.

Medically - Other than the start of bronchitis coming on the later part of the week, there is nothing going on medically. I didn't have any appointments this week, didn't make any headway with doctors, and basically didn't have any issues of note.

I had a long talk with my therapist this week. We were able to discuss a lot of things that has been on my mind and I am happy about the direction I am heading.

Emotionally - Where last week everything was wrong, this week everything was right. I basically had a good week and can't complain about how I felt emotionally.

Mentally - This week I did a lot of good preparations. I was able to work on a lot of the things I've been stalling on. I feel good about the overall progress. I now feel that my boys will be set with several of the very important things they will need if something should happen to me. However, there's still a lot to be done.

Physically - Beyond the bronchitis acting up, this has been a good physical week and I've actually started walking again on my treadmill. It feels good to walk again even if I don't prefer the treadmill much.

Family - Other than my son having some homework issues, things have been going well.

Play - I'm happy to know that the RPG on my Plano group has started up again. I love RPGing. I'm playing a custom made character named Cassie who is a blind healer.

Ok, that's about all this week. Not a lot to talk about. Sorry it's so lame but I'm happy for a quiet week.

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  1. Glad this week was a lot better for you. It was a roller coaster for me, but things started turning around yesterday.