Friday, January 11, 2008

The Week In Review 1-11-2008

This may end up being put into two separate entries this week. For one, A LOT happened this week. For two, I am on a time frame since I have to leave for dance in less than an hour. I will give the general overview however.

Medically - Wow, not sure where to start. This week I had a very informative call with my Neurosurgeon in Chicago that went very well. I also had a long talk with a friend who is "in the know" that cleared some things up for me. I had to see my therapist twice this week due to a nice little anxiety attack I had. All is well now and no problems in the horizon. Oh, and last but not least I got to visit my "scrooch down doc" today. All checked out and there will be a follow-up on this one later because he was my third health care provider to make me cry this week. (Don't worry, all three were good tears.) I may go into more details later but like I said, I'm rushed.

Emotionally - As sure as I was last week about my path... this week was a total turnaround. This was NOT a good week emotionally. Perhaps it was long overdue, I don't know. Again, I won't go into details because a lot of it deals with things I am not ready to discuss. However, my therapist pulled me from the deep dark and I'm doing splendidly now. :) What I faced this week was not unlike the attacks that sent me to the therapist back in June in the first place. Before anyone asks... I don't know if they are related to the tumor or not but they have always been trigger based and this time has been no different. So yes, they could be tumor related or it could just be part of the natural tendency of the females in my family that tend to be a bit... anxious over things. Mine just doesn't take shape unless it's something major. Don't worry, the week has been downloaded, just not here at the present. Some day they may be downloaded here but for now I wish to keep my privacy with this issue.

Mentally - I think this goes right along with emotionally this week. I didn't get crap done and most of it was because of my emotional state. We'll see what the new week brings.

Physically - I remain without issue. HaHaHa... Ok this has been a rough week with everything from sinus problems to the onset of allergies the later part of this week. It's no wonder since we have gone from one extreme to the other with weather. However, beyond that I am doing great.

Ok, that will have to end my update for now because I have to go. I will update on some other things including David (the lemon site on my links), Julian, and Coleman later. Who are they? Souls that have met my own and I gain strength from. Hugs to all and I'll update tomorrow.


  1. Well it's better to get all the dramatics out of the way at the first of the year wouldn't you agree? *smile* Hope next week is a better one for you. Oh, and I always comment after I read most the time cause I don't like being a lurker. Don't know about you but I hate when I get all these people that look at my blogs but never comment. Only time I don't leave a comment is if I really have nothing to say about what I read.

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