Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've Been Way to Quiet

Sorry for not writing in a while. I've been a bit busy and we all know what happens when you are busy. Anyway, I'll try to update best I can.

Saturday night we went dancing. We had a good time even though we didn't dance a lot. It worked out to our benefit. My Sinus pressure and bronchitis continued through Saturday so the fact I didn't dance that often kept me from getting severely winded. We had Kitchen Patrol Saturday night and that's why we didn't dance that much. Anyway, by Monday my bronchitis is in all of it's full glory including pushing me to take my inhaler so that I can walk from one side of the house to the other without keeling over from lack of oxygen. My bronchitis causes something called reactive airways which is basically asthma that is triggered by something. In my case that trigger is bronchitis. Anyway, the inhaler helps.

Sunday my son wasn't feeling well with sinus stuff and possibly a 24 hour bug because he complained his stomach hurt. He felt better by Monday. John went and picked up our new piece of furniture. It's leather recliner loveseat. I like it a lot. It's very comfortable and it has a console in the center so it adds a table without adding the table. (This is actually the one thing John liked that I didn't because it keeps me from curling up next to him but we still have our old loveseat to do that with.)

Anyway, I did get some work done around the house on Monday although not as much as I wanted.

Otherwise, I have what I believe is a cracked molar that is causing me some pain. (It's feeling much better so I'm stalling on calling the dentist until hopefully my cold goes away. If it starts hurting bad again, I will have to call him.) I am also having a lot of neck cracking since I was popped in the head on Saturday while at dance. (don't ask, long story) I am scheduled to see my chiropractor this afternoon so hopefully he'll be able to take care of that. I am also waiting for the scheduling on my MRI. If I haven't heard from my GP by Thursday, I will call them. Oh yeah, I also need to call my insurance since they have no screwed up the billing on their 3rd MRI for me. They keep billing as 80/20 but they are supposed to pay 100%. You'd think after three they'd put a note that it's 100 not 80/20. I might even mention it to them. It's getting old quickly that they keep charging me for it AND it's costing my doctor because they are sending me bills that are unnecessary.

Ok, that's enough rambling for now.

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  1. I can understand being quiet and ill. Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*