Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three Weeks and 12+/- Inches

Well, we are now at the three week mark until surgery. Time is going by REALLY fast. Anyway, Saturday I took a big step towards making things easier for surgery. I cut off 12 or so inches of hair to donate to Locks of Love It's a huge change but everyone seems to like it. As I told John last night, "The jury seems to like it but the judge is still on the ledge." :)

I'll let you all be part of the jury as well. First you have the before pictures:

Now you have the after pictures:

As you can see, it is a huge change. For those of you that know me, you know just how big of a change it really is for me. The last time my hair was even close to this short I was in the 7th grade and it was still about 3 inches longer than it is now.

So what's the verdict? :)


  1. Love it! And so cool that you donated to Locks of Love. That one is close to my heart, we have helped get a friend started with that one. I think it looks great-I'm sure you will get used to it! :)

  2. It looks great!! My youngest had long hair (not quite as long as your before picture, but a little more than halfway down her back) and had hers cut all the way up to the nape of her neck...it also went to Locks of Love. They sent her a cute little postcard to thank her for her donation (took a couple of weeks to get here, but she was tickled to get it).

  3. I love your hair short, its SUPER CUTE!!!! No matter how long your hair or how shoooorrrtt, it will never change who you are, and you are an AWESOME PERSON!!! Luv yah

  4. You look SUPER! Love the short style. Definitely will be easier to manage in the coming weeks. Don't worry...you'll get used to not using such a big glob of shampoo in no time :-)