Saturday, May 24, 2008

The News Made My Day

I had a wonderful conversation with my NeuroSurgeon on Wednesday. I was able to take care of all the lingering questions that were still fighting in the back of my mind, get the details that I so longed for (yes I'm weird like that), and finally be able to step up knowing I've done what I can to be prepared.

So what did I learn? Well, I learned what will happen the day of surgery in detail. I won't share this information right now but I will after surgery is all over. He did a good job of walking me through from the pre-surgery MRI to what I have to do to be released (more appropriately who I have to get approval from) and finally to what recovery will probably be like. I learned about the pain medications I will be given, what things will occur in order to get the equipment I so dread off of me, and who I will be meeting as we move along. So it was a very good conversation and it was able to finally put that last shred of doubt from my mind.

Ok, I know you are asking yourself, "Surely this isn't the news that made her day. It would probably just terrify me more." And you would be right. So what is the news that made my day... Anyone that knows me can probably take a wild guess at what it is... Go ahead... do that now... Anyone??? I'll give you a hint... I'm doing this very thing the week before surgery?!?!? Ok, fine, he told me that I can ride roller coasters after I am feeling good again. :D That is such wonderful news because I really questioned whether he'd give me the go ahead. I figured it would be a bit risky but he pretty much said if I am feeling up to it and I'm crazy enough to get one... Go for it!!! That was such wonderful words to hear. I keep telling John that I'll start out tame... I'll go for the Ninja at Six Flags instead of anything else crazy like the Raptor at Cedar Point. LOL

Anyway, just wanted to share.

Oh, and did I mention that I just love my NS? He's fabulous and I am positive that I've made the right choice.

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