Friday, February 29, 2008

The Week in Review 2-29-2008

Medically - Nothing new on the medical front. We've entered the calm between MRIs so unless I have a doctor's appointment for something else, it should be a quiet few weeks. YEAH!!!!!

Emotionally - I won't deny that this has been a tough week emotionally. I'm not going to go into details here because I wrote a whole entry on it yesterday. :) I'm hoping the weekend is what I need to recoup my mind and hopefully come to terms with the remainder of what is bothering me. I'll have a good report next week... I hope.

Mentally - I can't honestly say that any forward progress was made this week. The best progress was in some conversations John and I had and I am not more confident he is actually grasping things. He's a kid at heart and would sometimes rather deny something is wrong than to face it but I now know we are on the right track.

Physically - The sinus pressure has returned AGAIN and I'm still fighting the shortness of breath from the bronchitis but otherwise I'm doing ok physically. I am hoping to do some walking tonight to try to finally get the workout going again. I hope to report that I did my walking all week when I give my update next week.

Family - We have a lot of activities planned for the weekend but I plan on having some family time as well. We'll see how it all works out. My son has been doing well lately and I think he deserves something fun. We have scheduled his bowling birthday party for the 9th so that should be fun and something for him to look forward to.

Play - John and I have been watching a lot of CSI lately. I've always liked the show and didn't realize how much of the Las Vegas series I had missed. I just like that one the best. I like the characters and the dynamic they bring to the table. Ok, I admit it... I think Grissom is awesome!!! (and not just by looks *wink*)

We have a busy weekend with a 4H thing and square dancing so I won't be around here much.

Talk to you all soon. *Huggles*

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