Friday, February 8, 2008

The Week in Review 2-8-2008

I apologize for not making an entry last week for the review but we had lots of nasty weather and I don't have internet connection when the weather is nasty so... Here is the review of the last two weeks:

Medically - Well, the bronchitis is doing much better now although it is still there. I'd call it a 3 now instead of the 8 it was. The sinus infection also continues to linger but it is also not as bad. It is more of an annoyance now than anything and more so because of the next thing. On tuesday I had my tooth pulled. Do you know how hard it is to not mess up an empty tooth socket when you are coughing and have a runny nose? Quite the adventure I must say.

Otherwise, I got the results of my personality test that I took and surprise, surprise, I am even keel throughout and right down the center. I guess that explains why I get along with everyone. Anyway, there's some much more specific things listed as well but I won't go into details. I'm just happy to know where I currently stand since my tumor is in an area that affects the personality.

I think the paperwork is finally on its way to get my next MRI scheduled. I am hoping it is going to be some time the week of the 17th. I don't really want to blow my son's birthday or valentines day with it.

Emotionally - I'm as cool as a cucumber and everything is going well. Honestly, some days go by where I don't think about the thing growing in my head at all. Some days I do, but for the most part I don't think about it.

Mentally - I haven't really made any progress the last two weeks since I've felt so cruddy. I hope to get started again this weekend since I am feeling much better.

Physically - Well, the antibiotics I was on made my Gabapentin almost useless so I had some reversal on my trigeminal numbness and tingling. Not a big deal. I've gotten so used to it I barely realize it is there anymore.

I will say my former tooth area has been bothering me a bit because they put a couple stitches in and it irritates the heck out of my mouth. Not a big deal. There is worse things in the world.

Family - Other than my son struggling with his grades, everything has been pretty normal. We are all just relaxing and enjoying each other. I like this kind of excitement. :)

Play - Well, I've been to sick to dance so really we haven't done much in the play category.

Test - I've been sick enough I haven't even bothered to do my testing. I hate that but I have seriously not had the energy or will to do anything the past few weeks. I'm so glad I'm starting to feel better.

Well, that ended up shorter than some single weeks. There just isn't much info when you are sick and trying to keep life as low key as possible. Next week should start getting interesting again because we have a few fun things going on.

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