Friday, February 22, 2008

The Week in Review 2-22-2008

Another mostly busy week.

Medically - On Wednesday I received the official results that my tumor remains stable. This was overwhelmingly wonderful news since the last MRI had a big question mark over it because of the change in the coil. I didn't write about this previously but I also had a bunch of interesting conversations since my last MRI and I feel I have a better handling on what is truly going on up there. I won't go into details but I will share another photo of my MRI.

It is my understanding that these photos actually make more sense than the darker images. I am not a doctor so I don't really know but I know these lighter pics do show more the scope of what we are dealing with.

Anyway, Wednesday I also took another visual recognition test. It is my understanding the scores were not high but until it's been officially graded, we don't have anything for sure.

My bronchitis continues, I've had a runny nose most of the last two days, and I felt crappy enough on Tuesday to go home early but other than that I'm feeling pretty good physically. I've had some sneezing again today so I'm guessing we had just enough warm weather to spark my allergies and now that it's cold again I'm hauling downhill very quickly. I will get to rest most of the weekend so hopefully by next week I've got this thing beat. If not, I will try to get into my doctor Monday or Tuesday.

Emotionally - This was a rough week emotionally although I feel like I kept it together quite well. It was tough waiting to get the official results of the MRI since waiting at this stage felt like I was putting life on hold. There was just to many ranges of unknown for this MRI. However, I got the news I wanted and it truly felt like a 50 pound weight was lifted off my shoulders. I feel lighter than air now and it is carrying me through the end of the week. John and I will be celebrating this weekend that is for sure. I need this weekend and probably the next couple of weeks to rebuild myself emotionally and then I'll be ready for the next big step in the World of My Brain Tumor. :)

Mentally - I didn't do a lot of physical things with preparing this week but I did make a lot of progress mentally. I have resolved myself to what has to been done and I know how to get there. I am more mentally into this game now than I have ever been and I don't plan on backing down from where I stand.

Physically - Since I am now off of the antibiotics, my trigeminal has gotten back to its typical "Am I really still having problems with it?" feeling. It is still there. I know it is since I still have a very dry right eye but I am so used to it at times it takes something crazy to make me remember it. (Like eating and not realizing that you have food trailing down your face. LOL)

I did not get back to working out this week like I intended. I felt good enough physically that I used what time I felt good to work on my house. My house has fallen apart since I came down with the bronchitis and it needs A LOT of work so I've put my energy in there. I guess that's better than sitting on the couch watching tv.

Family - The boys are both doing well. John is gearing up for the planting season since it is honestly just around the corner. My son is doing well with his school work for the first time all year and he seems to be growing up a bit. I hope he's finally getting there. I need to make some arrangements for a late birthday party for him. He wants to go bowling. With his birthday falling around valentines day, we decided to wait a few weeks to have his party. Now I guess I need to get moving and set a date.

Play - I've been spending most of my free time this week working on a slide show for my son's 4H group. We are having a big Grandparent's dinner and I volunteered to do a slide show with pictures of the kids, their projects, activities, etc. I have used PowerPoint several times in the past but this is the first one I've done with it strictly being aimed at a slide show. It's going ok so far, I just hope my lack of visual ability doesn't make it look bad. LOL

Test - I really don't want to say that I never even picked up a single one of my games all week so I will say No Comment instead.

So that was my week in a nutshell. I continue to look ahead to the future and be prepared for whatever life brings me. I know you have to play with the hand you are dealt and if you keep your heart about you, you might just surprise everyone including yourself.

Please keep the families of the teens that were killed last weekend in your thoughts and prayers. The next several weeks are going to be difficult for them as they try to reconstruct what caused the accident.

If you are in the MidWest (or anywhere getting poor weather this weekend) be careful driving!!!

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