Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Can Still Do It

Ok, so my son decided to start playing soccer this fall. He's never played it before and honestly the only experience I have with it is from PE in school. Therefore, he and I have been taking a crash course in soccer over the past few weeks. He's struggling with ball control and actually kicking the ball instead of the ground. So, I decided to help him.

So here we go outside last night to kick the soccer ball around. I'm sure anyone watching would have gotten a kick out of it as inexperienced me was trying to show him how to play. Actually, I enjoyed it. We did some of the drills that his coach uses and we were running back in forth in our yard dribbling and passing the ball. Then we tried a little bit of "keep away" and really we had a good time.

Until we did the collision that is. At one point I was trying to prevent him from getting the ball and he decided to block me. He did by putting us both to our knees as we collided knee to knee. Now I have a nice bruise the size of a golf ball starting on my knee. It should be fun to take the stairs at work with it by tomorrow. His young knees survived and he was back up running in no time at all.

Despite the nice little injury, we had a lot of fun and I enjoyed the fact I could actually keep up with a 10 year old. So with any luck I will be able to walk next week and in a few days I'll be out there kicking the ball around again. Until next time... Keep your eye on the goal!

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  1. well, amy, i must congratulate you on the game! well played adn you deserved the draw. :P