Thursday, September 6, 2007

Beginnings - The Answer to my Prayers?

I'm a researcher. The first thing I do with something I'm not familiar with, is look it up on the internet. If that doesn't give me results, I talk to people or seek out other sources. Even as far as two weeks later, I was filling my brain with all the information I could find. At prompting of remembering hearing it several times and a flagged email from a friend that was in my inbox, I began researching a procedure called Gamma Knife.

Gamma Knife truly sounded like a procedure that was sent directly to me from God. It seemed to be an answer for so many of the questions I've had since the tumor was found and addressed so many of my fears. The one question I'd had since this whole thing was discovered was, Why did we find this now? What am I supposed to do with this knowledge?

Well, here's a quick explanation of what this procedure would entail and why this seemed to be sent directly to me. It's an outpatient procedure where you typically arrive that morning and are released that night. You can typically return to your normal routine the very next day. There's no use of any anesthetic beyond a local for when they place the device. There are no knives and thus no "surgery". The risks are extremely minimal and this leaves a little to no chance of causing problems. The downfall to this procedure, the limit on how big of a tumor it can handle is small, thus not everyone is a candidate. The limits I'm reading is 4 cm. My tumor is 3 cm by 2 cm which technically should make me eligible. Typically a glioma is much larger when it is discovered. Did I mention that there would be no anesthetic risks involved?

So you can see why this procedure seemed to be written just for me. It addressed why I found it early and addresses all my "fears" in a positive way. You can also see why it felt almost too good to be true. So I emailed a doctor in my area that performs it. He agreed I'm a likely candidate and we have a consultation set up with him for October 19th. Could this really be the answer to my prayers? I am really hoping so.

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