Friday, September 21, 2007

Honestly, I Don't Bite... Hard

It appears that my hit counter is increasing and people are subscribing to my blog, yet there is only one comment on my page. I don't bite, honestly, it's ok to leave a comment even if it's just to say hi. I am curious as to who has visited and whether or not they think this blog is a good thing. I know it has helped me to get it all out in the open and now I can send friends to this for updates, but I will eventually run out of things to talk about. (Hey, none of that now, I can be quiet when I want to!!!)

I've actually finished the back story now and things are a bit quiet right now so I don't want to just talk to myself in my posts. I guess I'm just asking that if you are reading this, drop me a comment just so I know. :)

(I know at least one person that has had an issue trying to post a comment. If you have problems, email me at "amy79o at gmail dot com")

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