Friday, November 21, 2008

The Tell-Tale MRI is Today

Today is my first post-radiation MRI. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous about this one. I have said for some time that I never had a good feeling about doing radiation. Even though logic pointed it as the best next step, my intuition fought me tooth and nail. Unfortunately, my intuition tends to be very accurate. My intuition continues to tell me radiation was not the best option. We may never know but this MRI will give us a pretty good idea.

Honestly, I've reached the point that I don't really care what they find this time. I've been through enough surprises in the last year and a quarter that I'm not sure anything can shock me anymore when it comes to my health. (Actually one thing would shock me and that is if I became pregnant...)

I'm going into this thing this afternoon, excited to be reunited with the MRI team at my local clinic (I love these guys), fighting back my intuition by reminding it that we don't yet have the results so quit bragging, and hoping that everything is working as it should and I get a clean scan.

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  1. Amy,
    have you gotten any results from your MRI???