Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm Asking for Prayers Please

I have two very special people that I am asking you to pray for.

One of them is Coleman Larson. I have written about this special 4 year old a few times previously. They did not receive good news recently as his brain cancer is growing. They are preparing to possibly try an experimental drug to hopefully buy some more time. However, he must raise his platelet levels significantly to qualify. This little boy is an amazing trooper, going through things that most adults would struggle with. Please keep him in your prayers that his platelets raise and he qualifies for the treatment and that the treatment is successful.

The second person is David Welch. David is the author of the 38lemon site that has been a huge source of information and motivation for me. David has declined sharply and his grade four GBM has grown to now cross into both hemispheres of the brain. His family had to call in hospice for him. He's an amazing man with true strength and determination. I feared things were not well when he made his last entry on October 30. His brother was kind enough to put in an update for all of us yesterday. Please pray for David's peaceful journey to heaven.

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