Wednesday, November 26, 2008

As Hopeful As We Get

I ran non-stop today from 11 AM til present trying to get information to the correct people and make phone calls to those that are supposed to be on top of things. (I say supposed because I've never yet seen it actually happen.) Anyway, after the crazy day, I have the results of my last MRI.

Before I go too far I need to give a little background information. When you have radiation, it kills cells. (Hopefully cancer cells.) Eventually the brain will clean itself up after radiation has completed but it can take a while for this natural process to complete. Cells that are present but dead are called Necrosis. In the case of radiation, it's called Radiation Necrosis. It is not uncommon for radiation necrosis to show itself in MRIs during the first year.

With that said, the results of the MRI were for the most part hopeful. There was a 4X2X4 cm lesion found as well as three smaller areas of enhancement near the tumor bed. (Where they removed my original tumor.) The report stated it could be either radiation necrosis or tumor regrowth. Based the timing of the MRI and the knowledge we have of these things, there is a VERY good chance it is simply Necrosis.

This isn't just me talking. I had the opportunity to speak with my Radiation Oncologist this afternoon and he seemed to feel the odds are great it is necrosis. He basically said that if it was tumor that grew that large that quickly, I wouldn't have been walking in there to hand him the result.

So, for the most part, our prayers have been answered. I haven't talked to my NeuroSurgeon yet but the chances are there will be another MRI in 4-6 weeks to determine what the lesions do.

There's my update for the day. *huggles*


  1. Hi Amy,I`m visiting you here via the LGG site.I hope you get to hear from your NS soon to get things clarified. I know after my relative had radiotherapy the Oncologist told us to expect the follow up MRI to look a mess and not to be too alarmed.Hope it goes well for you.
    I looked up the little boy last time you mentioned him;there are some cute You Tube entries of him and his twin brother.As a mother of twin boys myself my heart almost ripped in half seeing him.Sure I will be thinking of him and his family.Wish I could do more...
    Take care, S.

  2. I hope it is just the radiation necrosis.