Monday, July 21, 2008

What I Would Do Differently

I'm just sitting here procrastinating working on what I really need to so... Here's the question I asked myself: If I had to do surgery again, what would I have done differently?

1. I would have cut my hair a lot earlier. This would have given me more time to get used to the length of my hair before surgery and thus brushing it now would have been less awkward.

2. I would have brought the list of questions that I asked my NeuroSurgeon with me to ask the "replacement" NeuroSurgeon prior to surgery. Then maybe a few of the things that I was surprised at after surgery wouldn't have been a shock. What questions in particular? Where would the incision be? How much would you shave? What if any anti-seizure meds will you put me on? What is the plan for recovery both in the hospital and at home? When will I be allowed to get up after surgery? What can I expect following surgery? Ok, that is enough because it would take about two feet to list them all.

3. I would have gotten my surgeon's "right hand man's" email while we were in the hospital instead of waiting until later.

4. I would have insisted that my questions get answered before I left the hospital instead of them being brushed off. They might not seem important to the surgeon but they were important to me.

5. I would have given John instructions on what to ask and to be persistent with them. I was just too foggy when leaving the hospital to keep pushing.

6. I would have tried to slow down a little more in the early days after surgery and relaxed. Unfortunately, I felt good and staying in bed didn't so... I have a feeling I'm paying for that decision now.

7. I would have asked more questions on the steroid and its side effects. I was not expecting to have more problems once I was off of them than when I was on them.

8. I would have implemented gentle exercises for my legs (including knees and ankles), arms (including elbows and wrists), and back (especially neck) from the beginning. I think this would have prevented some of the weakness in them and my muscles. I would have also continued my walks as much as possible. I would have had to listen to my body and stop when I needed to but I would have hopefully kept as much of my stamina as possible.

Ok, I think that's enough. I think that rounds it out nicely.

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