Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Should Have Results Tomorrow

Hey all, just wanted to post a quick update as promised. (Yikes twice in one day)

I went in to the doctor today to have the swelling and leg pain issue I've been having checked out. We don't have anything official yet but they did do some bloodwork and we should have the results tomorrow. The good news is that they are pretty certain there isn't any clots and they are pretty sure I just have some electrolytes or something still off. They are guessing all the fluids they pumped into me in combination with the meds just have something out of whack. We'll know for certain tomorrow.

In the meantime, they have me trying a few things to help increase the likely culprits. As for the swelling, they gave me some suggestions to help reduce it but it will just have to run its course. Apparently there really is two types of people when dealing with steroids... those that have the problems while on them and those that have problems getting rid of them. It appears I fall in the latter category. Depending on what they find with my numbers they may prescribe me something to help the process along but they need to find out what is off first.

Ok, I think that's all I have to report for now. *Huggles*

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