Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Week In Review 7-25-2008

This is really the third week in a row... Yay!!! (I'm actually posting this on Thursday since I won't be around much on Friday.)

We are now 6 weeks and 3 days past surgery. That's 45 days. Wow... doesn't seem possible.

Medically - Still no luck on establishing contact with my new NeuroSurgeon and my old one didn't reply to my question about my pathology report either. I'm really anxious to get this report before I talk to my NS. I'd like to research it before we talk with him so that I understand what it says. This is how I learned so much about my MRI scans and the like as well. Lots of research. Anyway, I'm a bit aggravated at this turn of events but I guess I'll deal with it when we are face to face in Chicago. I will not be leaving without email addresses.

The swelling continues but it appears to be very slowly improving. My face hurts but I'm not sure how much of it is runny nose caused and how much is swelling induced. Although I feel most is swelling induced. I still have occasions where I look 9 months pregnant but they are becoming less frequent. My feet and hands have been minor for some time now so that's a plus. I still feel pretty crappy from it all though. I am drinking plenty of fluids but... well I'm hoping it goes away soon.

In other news, I think I'm trying to come down with bronchitis. It's in its early stages at the present but the cough is definitely there. Luckily, I'm far enough from surgery it's just an annoyance and I don't think it can cause any problems. I'm sure the steroids weakened my immune system enough for me to get this rare middle of the summer attack but at least it waited until I reached my full 6 weeks. Again very uncomfortable but it's that in the best of cases.

Emotionally - Other than a few cases of complete frustration, I have been doing well emotionally this week. I'm very frustrated that I have either not had the motivation to get them or the contact with my doctors. I want a very tight team working with me and they have to be willing to answer my questions no matter how much they think the answer doesn't matter. If I am asking the question it matters to me so answer it already. The other thing that has to be established is that I want all written records. These are my way of making sure that everything is truly going as it is said. They are very important to me. (Now I have to figure out how to get these at this institute.) Lastly, they have to be willing to listen to my concerns, fears, and ideas on how I think further treatment should go. I have in my mind what I am willing and unwilling to do and they have to work with me on these. I am not one to accept the first treatment plan put in front of my face. I will research it and I will know in my mind it is the best option for me and my family. I already get the feeling this might be a struggle but we will get through it and our options will be taken even if I have to see a dozen doctors to find someone that agrees with me.

Otherwise, I'm just cruising emotionally. I haven't had any major down times other than just feeling really crappy but that's not the same thing. I have been a bit snappier than normal but again I think that's related to feeling crappy.

Mentally - I still struggle with motivation at the present. I'm hoping this improves with time and is related to my physical side and not my mental. I will say I am going to do something and ten minutes later I am still sitting there staring into space. I do that a lot and it's not just for ten minutes sometimes. I have always been a procrastinator but there's a big difference between waiting until you have to work your tail off to finish something and to not have the will to do it.

I am happy to say that I was able to retain more Harry Potter trivia than I thought. In our quidditch game on Friday I knew a good majority of the answers so that means my mind isn't as warped as I thought. I have struggled with doing my brain games daily like I set out to do. I think it's been at least two weeks since I did any. OOPs. But I've been busy too so...

Physically - About the same as last week although my energy is slowly coming back. I was able to catch up on dishes finally and my son and I were able to get the house presentable again with him working under my instruction. Otherwise, the swelling is still there but not quite as bad.

My knees appear to be coming back. I was down in the floor helping my son with a 4H project and I was actually able to get back up with help. I haven't been able to even get off of one knee unassisted since about one week after surgery so this is a good sign. My knees are regaining their strength!!!

Family - John has been having trouble sleeping of late. I think he is just major stressed out. Hopefully things will ease some after we get some answers at the doctors on Monday. (That and after 4H shows are finished. Unfortunately, most of my son's projects got sidetracked because of me and the surgery so we are last minute some of them. UGH)

My son is busy with 4H and not wanting school to start soon. He will be a 6th grader this year. YIKES!!! Where has the time gone?

Play - Again not much in play this week. We did have a mini birthday for my mom last night for her 50th and we plan on visiting some friends on Friday including my coworkers. I look forward to some adult conversation. We also have a square dancing convention this weekend. I won't be dancing but it will be fun to watch and we are chaperoning the youth hall for a few hours. It will be a fun time even if we have to cut it short so I can rest. Hopefully, the weather is nice this weekend so I can curl up in the back seat of the car with the windows down to nap if nothing else.

Oh and for the heads up to my coworkers who get/view this... I will be around Friday morning to visit. I may be up in IT for part of the time but I will try to walk around if I'm feeling up to it. I will try to be in the cafeteria during breaks and I'll probably be nearby during lunch.

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