Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Been a Good Weekend

For the most part, I would say that my family has had a very enjoyable weekend despite me having what I would call the worst day I've had post-0p. I'll just give a brief summary then I'm going back to bed. I'm just up with my morning meds and thought I'd go ahead and do some musing while I'm sitting here waiting for my morning snack to settle with my meds. (I have to eat with my meds or the steroid and the horse pill I take for my joints make me miserable all day. And, of course, after eating something I usually am awake for a bit and unable to go back to sleep. Soon enough I'll be off of a "strict" schedule and can be a bit more flexible as I was before.)

Anyway, that ended up being a long and confusing introduction. With the holiday, John is enjoying a three day weekend home with us. (Not like he's been working much of late so I'm sure it isn't quite the jolt he was looking for.) I guess best is to just start with the 4th. We really didn't do anything spectacular. We did go to dinner at my Grandma's house for a short time and that was a nice break in the day. She cooked a very nice meal and we had an enjoyable time. We came home and watched a movie (Finding NeverLand) that had been sitting here on our NetFlix for WAY too long. Then, around dusk, we loaded into the car to see if we could find any good firework displays... we didn't. I think the changes in the laws over the past few years have pretty much put most of the really good local shows out. It's sad too because our town had one of the best shows I had ever seen and that included the multi-million dollar ones put on in the "Big Cities". We did see a few stray type shows so the drive wasn't a complete waste of time. Besides the night air, with the windows down, cruising the country wasn't all that bad anyway. We got home and did some "finger foods" and the boys enjoyed some watermelon on the porch with the cats. I think I finally passed out around 11 and I slept great so I'd call it a success.

Saturday we spent most of the day home. I have been working on organizing some paperwork and the like and I recruited the boys to do some cleaning. I also tried a recipe for some Italian Beef Sandwiches on some leftover roast we had earlier in the week. It turned out great and was a big hit. I will say yesterday was the roughest day I've had since surgery. We had another reduction in my steroid and I think my body was protesting it just a little. I woke up with some swelling in my face but it wasn't anything I was to overly worried about. By the end of the day, I was pretty miserable and my hands and feet were retaining a bit of water too. It wasn't causing me any serious problems, just very uncomfortable. We're watching it closely and the swelling has more than halved today so I think I'm out of the woods and my body was just reacting to the reduction in steroids.

Outside of medical yesterday, we had a visit from my Mother-n-law and that was a nice little chat. We also made our visit to Square Dancing. I don't think I was the company that I normally am and I apologize to all my friends there but I really was a bit uncomfortable last night. :( However, it was good to see everyone and I've got some "projects" to work on now for a big Square Dance convention so it was all good. Now I just need to see what all I have to do since I still haven't seen them. LOL

Well, I can't really think of much more to say. As I said earlier, I woke up this morning and the swelling is down significantly so I think I'm out of the woods. We don't really have any plans today. I will probably recruit the boys to finish the "cleaning" and we have to go to town to get one of my prescriptions refilled and groceries bought but otherwise it will probably be a quiet day at home just relaxing. Which is ok with me surprisingly.

We do have a 4H show later this week we'll have to attend but I don't believe there is anything else pressing at all so we will probably do things around the house this week as I feel up to it. I've got some weeds with my son's name on them!!!

Hope everyone in the States has had an enjoyable holiday weekend!!!

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