Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Seizures Have Stabilized Now

After having between 30 and 40 simple partial seizures on Wednesday and only 9 on Thursday, I have not had a seizure since 9:30 on Thursday night!!! You don't realize how good something as simple as not having a seizure in 36 hours can be until you've dealt with them with high frequency for a few days.

Now my attention turns do other things. I need to get my son ready for camp and John and I will take him there Sunday evening. I am also doing final things for Relay. I have trees to finish, posters to make, packing to do, and of course the final team email to prepare and send. Monday I get to go get my partial fitted for my teeth and I'm hoping that I get to keep a set. We'll see how it turns out. I also have a graduation party tonight for my Harry Potter group Plano Hogwarts. I am the first ever graduate at the site and I'm throwing a huge party. There will also be a surprise but I can't tell you what that is or it wouldn't be a surprise.

Other than all that and hopefully no more seizures, I see the neurologist on Tuesday and I'm pretty sure there will be an MRI in the coming week. I will report what I find out after Tuesday. Friday is Relay For Life. If you are in the area, please come out and support us!!! I'd love to see many of you there. It's at Lincoln High School and it's from 6 PM til 6 AM! From 8 PM until 9 PM I will be square dancing as part of the entertainment for the night so for those that have not seen me dance, come on out and get a good laugh.

I am also hoping to attend our first square dance in several months Saturday night but it will completely depend on how tired I am following the all-nighter on Friday.

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