Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now It's Simple Partial Seizures

Today has been much quieter than yesterday was but things have not completely calmed down. I was in contact with my doctor today and what I am experiencing is normal and could last for a week or more before settling down. All day I have been having what is known as Simple Partial Seizures. They are not near as severe as they were yesterday and doesn't affect me near as much but they are there.

Basically, the new seizures give me a sudden sense of euphoria and I smile for no reason, most of the time when it is inappropriate. This will last for a few seconds and the corner of my mouth will twitch. Again, I am fully conscious and I don't lose my balance or anything but I am unable to speak when these occur. They only last for a few seconds now. Maybe 30 seconds at the most. They are just really annoying and come quite frequently. I'm guessing I've had 30 today. I guess we'll find out more when I see the doctor on Tuesday.

I am hoping to swing by work tomorrow to visit and set some things up so I can work more easily from home. Unfortunately, I hadn't planned on working from home this week so I didn't prepare for it by moving files over to my laptop. This will be my plan tomorrow and to show everyone that I am ok, despite the seizures. My son will go with me so if there is anything that goes goofy, he'll be there.

I've basically started a new topic in my blog. Not that I've really wanted to open this topic but it breathes some life back into it. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my surgery. If things go well, I'll have a little treat to post tomorrow.

He's really been good today, helping me out and being here. I don't even think that my partial seizures worry him anymore. It's sad that a 12 year old has to go through watching these but at the same time, he's my hero more than once now and I think he is a great son.

Thank you everyone for all of your messages and well wishes to both he and I. I love you all. *huggles*

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