Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For Another Week or So

It's sad to say that you are getting used to something that throws a wrench in your day but I'm getting used to my simple partial seizures. I've had around 40 of these today but honestly some of the time I don't even realize they are occurring. Sometimes they come in the form of extreme euphoria that causes me to not only think I'm extremely happy but to make my mouth smile involuntarily. Other times, of late, they are just coming as fluttering of the eyes or my eyes moving very quickly. They seem to come in spurts of 5 or 6 in a short period of time with a large gap of time between. They only last from 5 to 15 seconds and most of the time those around me don't even realize I am having them unless the elation comes at an inappropriate time or when I am in the middle of a conversation with someone. Even then it's usually just a slight pause until it passes.

Today I went by work in order to copy some things to my laptop to work on from home. It was good seeing everyone and letting a few of the more worrisome ones know I am ok. I have been having more seizures today but I think it is more because I didn't sleep well last night then the fact I have been more active today. I am looking forward to being able to go back to work on the 22nd. It will hopefully be good for my seizures as well if I can keep my mind occupied on other things. Not that I am thinking about them a whole lot but having something else to keep me in line might not be all too bad.

I think the worst part is being "grounded" for the next six months. John won't even let me drive the riding mower to mow the grass!!! Not driving doesn't bother me near as much other than having to rearrange my schedule at work in order to ride in with my parents and having to tell my son he can't do certain things because of John's schedule and my inability to drive. I just wish these things would have waited until after Relay next weekend. I have a ton I need to do this and next week and I will be depending on others to take me to do all of it. As if rearranging things for doctor's appointments isn't bad enough, now I also have to arrange for rides. *sigh*

I wish to thank everyone for all their prayers and offers of assistance. My family and I appreciate them greatly and you can bet we will be taking some of you up on these offers as we need them.

I hope to see everyone that I can at Relay on the 19th. With a little luck I will be out there dancing at 8 PM for the square dance and again saturday night if I'm not too exhausted.

Huggles to all,

-- Squiggles (Long story, I'll explain next time. LOL)

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