Monday, June 8, 2009

Saved Again by My Guardian

This was not the way I wanted to spend the just shy of 1 year anniversary of my surgery.

Some of you may have already heard about this but today, my guardian angel (aka my son) possibly saved my life (and his) again. This morning, while I was driving to work, I had a seizure for the first time ever. While having the seizure, it caused me to veer to the left side of the road. My son realized this was happening just as the front tire hit the concrete barrier on a bridge and was able to pull the wheel and get us back on the road. Had he not thought quickly and done this, we might have both been seriously hurt.

I managed to get the car to a parking lot and wait for John to get there. While waiting I had two more seizures. I was able to tell when they were going to come on because I got a sense of euphoria and my mouth would switch and attempt to smile even when there was no reason. This would last about 2 seconds before it would put me into a full complex partial seizure. My eyes would flutter and my eyes rolled up into the back of my head. My neck would also stiffen to the left. I never lost consciousness and I could hear everything that was said but I was unable to respond to anyone in any way.

After John got there, we headed to the ER per my neurologist's instructions. On the way there I had another seizure the same as the previous three. Luckily, the wait at the ER wasn't bad at all and I was seen almost immediately. I had another seizure while the doctor was in talking with me. He was able to get a solid diagnosis of complex partial seizure. After talking to my neurologist, I received a shot of Ativan which is a quick acting drug that will stop all seizures but it only lasts a short while. I was also started on the Keppra (500 mg) drug, which I will take twice a day for probably the rest of my life.

After I was released from the hospital, I had to go to the clinic to have an EEG done. An EEG tests your brain waves and monitors to see if anything is misfiring and causing the seizures. I will not know the results of this test until I see my Neurologist next Tuesday.

I have not had a seizure since 8:30AM when I had it with the doctor. With any luck I will not have any more and we can start the long process of monitoring. I will not be able to drive for 6 months after it is proven that the seizures are under control.

The Neurologist and the ER doctor both believe they were caused from scar tissue that is resultant from surgery and radiation. We were told even before I had surgery that I was a risk for seizures and they told me multiple times that radiation can cause side-effects for up to 10 years. I am sure that my neurologist will order an MRI when I see him but for now we are all pretty certain it's scar tissue from radiation.

I wanted to make sure and update everyone. I will keep you all posted on what is going on. For now, all is well but this week will be a big test.


-- Amy

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