Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Appointment with the Neurologist

Well, my appointment with the neurologist went as good as I expected it would. He was happy the seizures were under control now and felt that as long as there were no seizures we'd leave the dosage alone. The EEG I had that Monday looked good and there was nothing that was out of the ordinary in it. He is certain it is scar tissue caused from surgery and radiation. We always knew this was a risk because scar tissue can cause problems with seizures and there has been a lot of torture to my brain over the last year and thus a lot of scar tissue.

Anyway, he told me he didn't see a problem with me returning to work as long as I felt good and I'm grounded from driving for six months following my last seizure per state law. He wants me to report to him if I have any other seizures so he can increase the dosage and carry on with the MRI for August as previously determined. All in all he said I seemed pretty sound neurologically and we'll just put this one up as one of the benefits to living with brain cancer. *Smiles sarcastically*

Well, I just wanted to report.


-- Amy

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