Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Angel Earns His Wings

I have just a short update this morning. Monday night Coleman earned his angel wings. Even though my heart is broken after reading this, I am taking the lead of his mom. His entire family have the strongest faith and they are remembering that he was God's child and they were simply chosen to be his family for the time he was here. I will share some of her words:

Coleman was an amazing child of God and we were so honored to be chosen as his parents.

He left this world at 10:45 last night- he fought HARD until the very end, not wanting to give up, but finally letting go. He was a warrior and a hero our hearts will forever miss. We had the most glorious five years together- a gift we will never forget.

A quick story. :)

One day Coleman heard someone say they were mad at God. He didn’t say a word, but later came to me with this complete look of disbelief on his face and asked, “mommy? did you hear them say they were mad at DOD? WHY would they say that?” He couldn’t even fathom the thought. Then he raised his little eyebrows and said, “well, I hope they don’t say that in PUB-WIC (public)!” and walked away. He knew there were some things he could not change, but HIS faith never wavered.

If those words are not a sign of amazing devotion to God, I don't know what would ever qualify. His family is taking his lead in this and although they are hurting terribly they have chosen to turn that anger into action. May our world, as technically advanced as we are, spend some time trying to cure childhood cancer so that fewer of our babies have to go through the journey Coleman has. However, I am warm this morning because I know he is in heaven playing with other children who have earned their wings. To share the words of a beautiful little 5 year old, "some day I won't need NO more meds or pokes, wight mommy?” Coleman, today you will no longer have any meds or pokes. You are free to fly.

As a reminder, if anyone would like to visit Coleman's page and read about this amazing little boy, go to and sign up. I know his family will continue to update as they now start their journey without one of their sons.

Please keep Peggy, Scott, and Coleman's twin brother Caden in your prayers for strength and continued peaceful faith. GodSpeed Coleman.

Remember to hug and kiss your little ones today.

Love and Huggles

(After I have let the news settle in a bit with me, I will try to post a proper tribute to the wonderful little boy I have grown to know. The little boy so much bigger than his age.)

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