Sunday, April 6, 2008

Can I stick a magnet?

Oh the things that come from the mouths of kids. I was pretty worried about telling my son about surgery. He's old enough to understand part of what is going on but I was afraid he wouldn't understand enough to feel comfortable about it. (He's 11) Anyway, one day he and I were talking about the surgery on our way home from his soccer practice. We got on the topic of what was actually going to happen during it. I told him that they would remove a piece of my skull and then when it is all over they would replace it and put some little metal plates in to hold it in place until it healed. To what would his first words be? "So you will be a metal head when it's over?" I really shouldn't have worried about his reaction. I should have known his reaction would be all boy. I laughed and said that I guess you could say that. Then the comment of all comments... "Will a magnet stick to your head?" DOH!!! That comment I was not expecting. I am now wondering if he and I being home alone after surgery is such a good idea. I can already picture me taking a nap one afternoon and waking up with him trying to attach a magnet to my head!!!

Hope you enjoyed this laugh for the day. Something tells me there will be more of these as we move along. *Huggles*

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