Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seizures Appeared One Year Ago

It was one year ago today that I had my first seizure. I remember things like it was yesterday. I didn't sleep well at all that night but rather I tossed and turned most of the night. My mind kept racing but nothing that I felt was all that abnormal. I got up as I normally did and got ready for work and hurried my son along since he was going to his great grandma's that day. I felt a little sick to my stomach and unexpectedly tired that morning but didn't think anything of it.

I noticed shortly after I reached my exit to the Interstate that I really did not feel right. I remember one instance where I felt like I blanked out for a second and I found myself in the third lane without remembering how I got there. No one was around and I assumed I was just tired and trailed off so I continued on, a bit more cautious.

It was several miles down the road, closer to Springfield than to home when I remember looking ahead and seeing a semi in front of me and making the conscious decision to get into the left lane to pass him. For some reason this was funny to me and I felt my mouth twitch into a smile. A second later I was staring at the roof of my car and I had no idea why. I could hear my son tapping me on the shoulder and calling "mom, mom" but I couldn't respond to him. I felt myself mentally fighting to get my head back facing the front when I heard the wheel hit something briefly. By the time I finally had both hand back on the wheel and my eyes looking ahead again, my son had us back on the road. I could tell he was scared and while I still wasn't 100% sure what had happened, I was pretty sure it was a seizure based on what I had heard about them.

Not daring to pull over on the interstate, I told my son to call his dad but to keep a close eye on me and grab the wheel if I started acting funny. He handed me the cell phone and I told John I was going to take the next exit but he better come get me. I actually missed that exit because it was one I was not familiar with and by the time I got close to it, it was by me. I was able to get us safely to the parking lot of a car dealer and parked. John was on his way and my son was with me.

I called grandma to tell her that he wouldn't be there and then called my mom because I knew she would probably call her to ask what was wrong with me. I remember telling her I think I had a seizure and I think I managed to tell her where I was before I again had the feeling something was funny and the smile came across me. I was standing outside the car and while I could feel my leg a bit unsteady and could hear her on the phone, I was unable to respond. Eventually my son got the phone and my seizure ended.

My mom and dad arrived and my mom called my doctor. While she was on the phone with the nurse, I had another seizure. I remember her making the comment to find something for me to bite on and I kept trying to shake my head no but couldn't. The nurse told her not to do that and to get me to the ER.

Shortly after this, John made it from work to me and he drove me to the hospital. I had another seizure in the car with him. I remember him gripping my hand when I had it. I was quickly admitted at the ER and they put an IV into me. John and I told what happened several times. While the doctor was in to check on me, I had what would be my last complex partial seizure. He had asked me a question and I went to answer him. I again got the feeling something was funny and the seizure began. I think this was one of the longest I had. He held my left hand and called my name several times. John held my right hand and talked to me. When it ended, they gave me a shot of Attivan, a fast acting medicine that will halt seizures.

I was extremely tired after getting this and curled up dozing while John sorted things out to get me dismissed. I would be starting on Keppra and the neurologist wanted me to have an EEG. John drove me to the office to get my EEG. Unlike the first EEG I had, I found it hard to stay awake for the test rather than finding it hard to sleep. After it was finished, we headed home.

Over the next two days, I would have several simple partial seizures that were simply a feeling of euphoria and twitching of my mouth. During these, I could communicate although not talk and could hear everything that went on. I never lost consciousness, my balance, or even my place in the conversation when it was over. Luckily, as quickly as they began they ended and I started my six months of not being allowed to drive.

I'm sure there are things that I have missed in my recount of what happened but I do know this... it is an experience I hope I never have to experience again. Seeing the one year mark come with no further seizures makes me very happy. :)

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  1. I've been starting to read your blog...I'm curious as if the Keppra is the only thing you are taking? And if that is what is working? My husband started on Dilantin and he had another seizure, he has had two, but they are the falling down hardcore kind. I had an ambulance come cuz this is all so new to us. They checked his levels and Dilantin was totally out of his system...after just several hours before taking it. So they started him on Keppra. And it's been almost a week with no seizures. He goes in two days to get checked and will eventually wean off the dilantin.

    If the brain tumor wasn't scary enough, the seizures is what scares me now. I can't leave him alone at all. And he went with a couple people yesterday fishing and I had to explain to them what to kinda look for. He gets sick to his stomach and that so far is the only thing we could figure out. He doesn't remember anything at all...totally out of it when it happened. I hope the Keppra works.

    good luck to you!