Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hernia Fixed and Back Home

Well, I think everything went pretty good for the hernia surgery and the drive home. John is laid back in his recliner with an ice bag and is watching TV. :) That's about like a male.

Anyway, we got there at 8:15 as we were supposed to and got all the paperwork done. Around 8:25 or so they took him back to get him changed into gown and robe and take his vitals. At first I was irritated because they didn't let me back with him but they assured me they'd get me before he went to surgery. About 20 minutes after they took him back they let me back into a little waiting area. This is where he told me there's no way I could have gone into the other area because it was so small each patient had an area the size of a closet to change and have their vitals done in. We sat there for 15 or 20 minutes and then they led us to the pre-op area. I was able to stay with him during the entire time he was in pre-op. This helped my anxiety A LOT. We talked with all the doctors involved with anesthesia and surgery and I actually ended up helping put the IV in when John decided to be a bleeder and the poor resident couldn't keep the bleeding at bay at the same time as he put all the IV lines in the correct places. He actually agreed to let me glove up and help. I thought that was fun and it again helped my anxiety big time.

Around10 AM they gave him a little sedative in his IV and he got a bit on the dazed and loopy side. The took him to the surgery theatre at around 10:20. Luckily, the doctor had told me that he'll send a message when the are done with the prep and then to expect 45-60 minutes from there. I received the message at 10:40 that they were starting. I held up really well until 11:40 and more came along and then I started to get very anxious and freak out a little. There was no sitting still and I think the people at the reception desk in the waiting room were beginning to worry if I was going to have a heart attack or something. Luckily, at 11:55 the doctor called and assured me that everything went well and he was being moved to recovery. I thought I was finally about to see him and the anxiety instantly left my body... at least until 20 minutes had passed and I still hadn't been called to see him. I think the time waiting to see him was the worst time I had. I couldn't sit still for anything, my hands were shaking, and I know I was on the verge of tears. I had no clue it would take almost 40 minutes to get him settled in recovery!!!

It was great to finally get to see him. The anxiety eased and I could finally breathe again. He wasn't having any side-effects of the sedation and was sitting in a chair happily eating graham crackers and sipping on a soda. He told me he had been asking for me ever since he got back there and they were taking their sweet time getting me. I gotta love him. He was thinking about me and knew I was probably freaking out. :D

Anyway, about an hour later he was discharged and we started the trek home. Driving in Chicago wasn't as bad as I thought it would be other than the 15 minute stretch that took an hour. I know why I don't like the city!!! However, we made it and have finally put a close to a long day.

As it turns out, they think he had the hernia a lot longer than it had been bothering him. It was on the large side and had some scar tissue but it went well and he shouldn't have any problems in the future. Interestingly enough, even though he looked to be in a happy zone when he left pre-op, the sedation didn't do a whole lot for him and he was awake and remembers just about everything that went on. Of course, he couldn't see what was going on and it wasn't a big deal what he remembers but he said he did have a few times where he had to tell them to up the local. This is what caused the extra long surgery. He has always required more local than the average person. Even when he had his vasectomy he had to have them use local two or three times extra. He just has a high tolerance to it or something. Therefore, every time he asked them to use more local it added five or so minutes to the procedure. I guess if the addition to my anxiety was to make him more comfortable, it was worth it. :P

I think I do need to make a bit of a mention here about my anxiety. While, I did have to times where I was about to lose my mind, I held up really well compared to my ability in the past. At one time I would not have made it for the first five minutes without needing sedation myself. I honestly have a bit of a theory myself. Given the location of my brain tumor, I think that it is part of the cause for my "unfounded" anxiety. Since the tumor is no longer there, I'm able to handle it all better and more like a normal caregiver since I think most people get a little worried when their loved one isn't done when they had expected them to be. Yes, the waiting to see him was quite unfounded but I think that had more to do with how much I love him and wanted to be with him than it did anxiety. I just had to see him for myself.

He is doing fairly well at the present and should be in pretty good shape in a few days. I also don't think he will have any lasting mental scars caused from the sedation not working. ;)

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. *huggles*

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