Friday, June 4, 2010

A Quick Update On John

I realized after I sent the last post that I didn't give an update on John.

He slept fairly well last night considering the night after having surgery is normally very uncomfortable. He has found he is most comfortable sleeping on either side as long as if he is on his left side he has a pillow for his right leg to rest on so it doesn't lay down on the incision/sore area.

He has a waterproof bandage at the incision site so I can't really say what that looks like. He'll be able to have that removed on Sunday. I'm kind of interested to see how it looks.

He says his stomach muscles hurt the worst and in the area where the swelling was prior to surgery. However, he says most of the pain is muscular rather than from the incision. He has described it as the day after doing a ton of sit-ups when you are not used to them. We are guessing this is from them manipulating the muscles to bring them closer so the mesh could be sutured in. He has been moving around fairly well and walks almost normal so I see that as a good sign. He doesn't stay walking long, which is a good thing because he needs to let the area heal, but he is able to do so with more comfort than I think he originally expected.

He's been doing pretty good pain-wise. He decided not to fill the prescription for the pain med the doctor prescribed and has been doing very well with ibuprophen every six hours or so. Even then I think it's mostly to make sure the pain doesn't set in rather than really needing it. Hopefully, by Sunday he will be able to wean down to just a couple a day for managing. That would be ideal but we'll see. (It would renew my faith in the doctor a little if he is in that state by Sunday)

Overall, all is going well as long as he doesn't laugh or cough. That seems to be what gives him the most pain. His follow-up will be Friday and he's looking to start working again the following Monday.

I'll keep you posted as there are things to report.

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