Tuesday, June 15, 2010

John Is Back To Work

Sorry I'm so delayed in sending out this update. It has been a crazy several days so there has not been much time for updating.

John and I went to his hernia surgery follow-up appointment on Friday and the doctor was pleased with his progress if not quite a bit surprised. John was doing very well by this point and honestly you wouldn't know he had just had surgery a bit over a week prior. He said everything looks great and that he could return to work whenever he was ready. He told us the steri-strips should come off in the next week and that he should just not lift over 20 pounds for the next two weeks (three weeks post surgery).

On Sunday, two of the six steri-strips came loose and were removed. The incision looks great and is healed quite well.

He did return to work on Monday and felt good for most of the day. He said around 4:00 he started feeling minor discomfort so he sat down for a while to take it slow (this would have been a normal 8 hour day but they work 9 hour days so I think going 8 hours is pretty good). He had some heat rash around the incision when he came home and ended up removing the remaining four steri-strips. The incision was between 1 and 1.5 inches in length and the entire thing looks very good with minor scabbing at this point.

Outside of John returning to work, we had a Relay For Life garage sale on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We had a great turnout and made over $450! Relay For Life is this Friday so we're all busy getting ready for that. There has also been an attack of ill animals over the past week (my mom and dad's new puppy had an infection, their cat had an allergic reaction to his distemper shot, and we had a momma cat try to drown her kittens in a rain storm) and my Grandma has been in the hospital with a broken pelvic bone and now MRSA. Needless, to say, it's been crazy of late.

I will try hard to update next week after Relay is all over.

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