Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One Down Twenty-Nine To Go

Radiation treatment number one has now finished. For the most part, it went just as I expected and there were no apparent problems. Now we'll see how the next 29 go.

The Optic Nerve will be spared and should only receive half of the radiation it can safely handle. This is good news.

So far, there have been no apparent side effects other than a slight taste of metal in my mouth. This is a common phenomenon apparently and it's just more annoying than anything.

As for the unexpected part of the treatment, instead of just receiving radiation from the front and right of the tumor, I am receiving it from both sides and the front. Not a big deal other than this means when the "sunburn" side effect takes place, it will be a much bigger area and thus more of a headache. I was dreading that side effect as it is so now I am seriously dreading it. UGH

Anyway, that's my update.

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